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Bigjigs Toys- Sharing the Fun!

Bigjig Toys – Sharing the Fun!

We recently had our latest mission from Bigjigs and were excited to see we had been sent some games to try. We were given the mission of share the fun which was perfect as we always have a family game night on a Saturday and we were ready for some new games to try.



We settled down with our drinks and treats as normal and decided to start with the Bigjigs Stacking Tower Game. The bricks are great- they are brightly coloured and a good weight to build up and move out and the game is really good fun, we liked the fact that you roll a dice to see which colour brick you have to remove as it makes it trickier and more exciting than it would be otherwise. We soon had to move all the treats when we realised how competitive it was going to get and just how far the tower would fall when it tumbled! This is a good game because you can easily play it over and over again and no one really feels like the loser (which is good when playing with my four year old sister who doesn’t take well to not winning!) My baby brother loved watching this game from his highchair and clapped every time the bricks tumbled. My top tip would be to find an extra piece of cardboard so you can use it along with the brick box to stack the tower really neatly and make the game last longer. This game is great for anyone age 4 upwards right up to any age.


We then got out the Memory Game which I think is ideal for children age around 3-6 but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it as it is a really good test of your memory and concentration. The pictures on the game are of Mummy animals which have to be matched to the baby animals. Lottie loved this game, the pictures are really nice and it really made her think. I think this would be a really lovely present for a child around my sister’s age but because the disks with the pictures on are thick and good quality they would also be easy to hold and not damage for younger children too. Lottie also got this game out when her friend came over the other day and they had great fun, there was no arguing and they even worked together a bit.


We loved sharing the fun with our family and friends and think these games are really good- they are both the high quality we have come to expect from Bigjigs products and were great entertainment.

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Bigjigs In The Garden – Play Patrol Review

Bigjigs In The Garden

Bigjigs Flower Press and Twigz Gardening Tools Review

Our recent delivery from BigJigs arrived at the perfect time for us to enjoy over a sunny weekend in the garden. 

Last year Dad painted a shed and decorated the inside of it to turn in to a playhouse for me and Lottie and on one side we have built a bug hotel and on the other side we are making a little flower and vegetable patch so we were thrilled to recieve a box of Twigz My First Gardening Tools.


The Bigjigs Flower Press and
Twigz My First Gardening Tools

The tools are really nice, they are quite strong and there is a good selection- we had a bucket, gardening gloves, a spade, a fork and a mini rake so were able to do everything we needed. We started by planting some tomatoes up in growbags and then did some work digging in our little patch of the garden. We both had a potato from a growing competition at school to plant so we have done that and we have also got the area ready to plant some flowers we have chosen at the farm shop.


I really liked the tools, they are easy to use and worked well, I think these are great for getting kids interested in getting out in the garden.

We were also sent a Bigjigs Flower Press. I didn’t get much of a look in with this as Lottie loved it so much she just wanted to press everything she could find! It was quite easy to use- just pick some flowers, leaves or petals and put them inside a folded sheet of paper. We found it worked best when we left the flowers for at least a week to dry out but I liked the fact that you could add several different sheets of paper at the same time to dry lots of different flowers.

Being allowed to look at the flower press
under Lottie’s strict instructions!

When we unscrewed the press and took out the flowers we just gently took them off the paper- they were very fragile to handle but dried really well. These looked really nice so we decided to do something with them- we found a plain jar and covered it with glue and then stuck the flowers on carefully and then glued over them and it worked really well to decorate it.


The flowers immediately after
opening the press
The flowers after removing from
 the paper in the press


I thought this looked really effective and now we have had a practice I would like to try some other pots- we would probably press them a little longer and also try ones without the stems as they stuck better. I would choose brighter colours than Lottie did next time to see how they come out. I like the idea of making a bookmark using leaves too. 
Making good use of our artwork
 to store treats!
Our first attempt at decorating with the
pressed flowers

Lottie loved the flower press and I think there are lots of fun craft projects you could do with it at different times of year.

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Epic Imaginary Play with Gigi Big Building Blocks!- Bigjigs Play Patrol

Epic Imaginary Play with Gigi Big Building Blocks!

Bigjigs Play Patrol Our Latest Mission!

We were very excited to arrive home from our holiday to find a new delivery from the lovely people at Bigjigs. We opened the packaging box to discover we had been sent a box… full of boxes! Although not just any old boxes, they were the new Gigi Big Building Blocks to be precise. These are basically flat strong cardboard sheets ready for you to make up in to bricks and then you can just get on and play with them however you like.

The blocks were quite tricky to make up to start with and I needed my Dad to help with this but once they were done Lottie and I couldn’t wait to get started.

In the set we were sent they came as a mixture of double and single bricks but can be purchased in several different combinations depending on what you want to use them for – this set of bricks has been perfect for everything we have wanted to use them for so far but we might like to add to them in the future.

Gigi Blocks- ready to be turned into amazing creations

The bricks stack up really well and can be used to make almost anything you can imagine- we have made a boat, a fort, a person and a television which we had great fun doing shows behind as well as lots of walls and mazes. The bricks are great fun in themselves just for building and using your imagination but also awesome because you can actually play inside your creation.

Look who’s on Kids TV!

The other nice thing is that because of the cardboard they are made of you could even paint or draw pictures or patterns on them- we haven’t done this yet but we definitely want to – maybe once we have build the perfect house we will decorate it! 

Lottie’s new friend!

I really liked these blocks and Lottie loved them too- we did have some little arguments about what we wanted to build but we soon started working as a team and really enjoyed sharing ideas together. My Mum liked the blocks to as she said she liked watching us really use our imaginations and loved how much time we spent playing with just this one set – this really was the perfect toy to spend the last few days of the school holiday enjoying and I can see us using them a lot more in the future too.

Our monster!