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Clever Tykes Books Review and Free Books for Primary Schools

I was pleased when a set of Clever Tykes books arrived in the post for me to review recently as I love having something new to read.

This set contains three books- Walk-It Willow, Code-It Cody and Change-it Cho and all three feature stories about children using their skills for a project or venture, facing challenges along the way and how they overcome them.

My favourite was Code-It Cody but my sister liked Walk-It Willow best, we both thought this one was quite funny, but they were all good and we both enjoyed all three.

I liked the way there were lessons within each story that the main character learnt and also that they made the point that even grown ups make mistakes when trying something new so it doesn’t mean you have to give up. I also enjoyed the way that the books encourage you to come up with new ideas of things you can do using your own skills. There were lots of ideas and advice within the stories for children wanting to learn a bit about running a business but because it’s in the story it doesn’t feel like you are learning which is great for children my age.

The books are easy to read for my age group and are a nice fairly quick story to enjoy, they are a little harder for my sister’s age but she enjoyed them being read to her. I think because of the message within them the books are correctly aimed at KS2 children but they are also good for slightly younger children to enjoy the stories. The illustrations are great too and there are plenty throughout to break it up for less confident readers. I also really like the type of print they have used in the book as it is very easy to read.

The books are sponsored by an initiative by Lloyds Banking Group which means they are offered free in Primary Schools- I had actually already seen one of them on my class bookshelf!

To find out more about the books you can visit the Clever Tykes website where you can buy them individually or as a set to read at home but if you are a primary school then you could visit the Clever Tykes Primary Enterprise Education  page where you can sign up for your school and access free books and teaching materials.




Disclaimer: I was sent a set of Clever Tykes books for review purposes but all comments are my own


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Building a Bird Nesting Box

We recently took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch and while looking on there website we found some instructions for building your own nesting box.

My Mum and Dad had given me my own toolbox for my birthday and I thought this looked like a good project to attempt to start with. We printed off the instructions and went to the shop to buy the parts and then I measured up the wood and got going.

My Dad cut the wood for me and drilled the hole but otherwise I was able to do most of it myself with just some supervision. We added some roofing felt to the roof as we thought it would make it better but this was the only change we made as the instructions were really easy to follow. We also attached a hook to the bottom to allow us to add a bird feeder.

If you want to try it yourself this is the link for the instructions we used

I was really pleased with it and gave it to my Grandad for a birthday present. He said it was the best present he had!

I am now going to make a nesting box for our garden and my Mum’s friend has asked me to make her one so I am going to be very busy! I think I might use woodstain on the next one but you don’t have to do that if you use the right type of wood.



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FunKids Radio Review- Fun for kids of all ages!

FunKids Radio Review- Fun for kids of all ages!     

I have been asked to tune in to FunKids Radio and report back on what I thought, so here goes…

Dad found the station for me on Friday evening and the first song that came was ‘Let It Go’-as you can imagine my little sister Lottie was thrilled. Fortunately for me all the songs that came on after that were ones that I liked and were not from Princess films! I listened to FunKids radio several times over the next few days and am pleased to say that with the exception of ‘Let It Go’ I liked all the songs I heard.

On Sunday night we listened to the story of The War through the Eyes of a London Child- it was really interesting and gave me lots of questions to ask. The whole family enjoyed listening to the story and will be listening out for the rest of the series.

I also heard adverts for magazine reviews which I think is a great idea to help you know what magazines you might like to buy.

They do lots of competitions too which I liked the sound of.

FunKids Radio have a great website https://www.funkidslive.com/ which has lots of activities including a book club, learning Polish and learning about Chemistry.

I really liked FunKids Radio and will definitely be listening again.

A word from Mum…

We enjoyed listening to FunKids with Luke, the presenters were entertaining and enthusiastic without being excessive and irritating. There were plenty of educational aspects as well as lots of fun for the listener. 

The music was nicely varied- and unlike some radio stations it didn’t feel like you heard the same three songs every time you turned it on!

For more information visit FunKids website on https://www.funkidslive.com/ 

Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/funkidsradio 

Fun Kids