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Major Fun from Magformers!

At the start of the school holidays we were lucky enough to be sent a Magformers WOW set to have a play with and have been having loads of fun making lots of different models.

agfomers sets are super powerful magnetic toys which allow you to create just about anything from within your imagination. Whichever way you place the magnets they connect together so there is always something to build. There is also a fantastic set of design instruction cards ranging from very simple to more complicated to get you started. You build the 2D shape shown on the card and then are able to join it together to make a 3D model.

Magformers say this set is aimed at 3-4 year olds and my sister who is nearly four and just about to start school loves the set- she is able to follow the instructions and make the models by herself and also has fun building her own ideas. I have found this Magformers set to also be fun for kids my age, they are straightfoward to use but you can also make just about anything you want and I am really hoping to add one of the other sets to my Christmas list- they do an LED set and a R/C set which I have my eye on but there are lots of other different types for whatever you want to do- neon, construction, carnival, emergency and racer are just a small selection and they all look really good.


I would say this would be fun for children age from around 3-10 as they would all play with it in different ways- perhaps the smaller sets would be best for younger children and some of the larger ones better for older kids.

A quick note from Mum-

We really liked the look of the Magformers sets but initially I felt they were rather pricey for the number of pieces within the set- however, seeing the quality of the pieces and how much enjoyment the children got from playing with them I have soon revised my thoughts and will certainly be considering Luke’s request on his Christmas wish list! 

If you would like to find out more about Magformers or to place an order they can be found as follows-

Disclaimer- We were sent a Magformers WOW set to review but all views and opinions are our own.
star wars rey and kylo

Rainy Day Play

Rainy Day Play

So we have already had the first week of the holidays and for the most part it has whizzed past, we have been to the library and signed up to the reading challenge (and lugged home huge quantities of books) been to the museum  where had had lunch with the best ice-cream ever and met up with my friend to watch some open air theatre in the park and have a play in the play area so I definitely haven’t been bored so far.

Today though has been pouring with rain and as baby brother is quite ill with a bad cold and conjunctivitis we haven’t left the house all day. It hasn’t been too bad as it has given us a chance to play with our toys a lot more than we normally do. Lottie has had her old Happyland out and we have both played with the LEGO, our new Magformers set (more about that soon!) built a Micro Chargers track and made a really cool Hexbug run. We have also been teaching Lottie to sew and have done some drawing. Mum has said we can make a den in a bit but for now it is a case of keeping things a little quieter as Sam is trying to sleep but keeps coughing and waking himself up.

Sometimes it’s really nice to have a day where we don’t go out at all and just enjoy being at home but in the Summer holidays we normally like to try and get outside a lot. Hopefully we won’t have too much more rain and if we do, once Sam is better, we can all put on waterproofs and wellies and go out and splash around but just in case we would love to know what other people like to do on a cold and wet day if they have lots of time to fill? Any ideas that Lottie and I can do on our own or that Mum can help us with one handed whilst looking after Sam would be great?!

Building a hexbug run 
Experimenting with Magformers