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My Favourite Adventures from Last Year

My Favourite Adventures from Last Year

The last few months have been quite tricky. My Dad has been unwell and we have had to miss and cancel certain events, days out and even a trip to France so at times things have felt quite miserable. However, reading back over my blog from the last year I realised just how many fantastic things we actually got to do in the last year. Hopefully we will be able to do more this year when he starts to get better again.

This is a quick round up of my top three adventures from the 2016- all of which I really hope to be able to do again this year if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

The Puy Du Fou

This is our absolute favourite family day out, and although we have been loads of times we never fail to have a fantastic time and are always looking forward to our next visit. Tucked away in the Vendee countryside in France you would never expect to find Vikings, Romans and wizards but that’s exactly what you get and much much more. 

We were annual pass holders last year and went several times during the Easter and Summer holidays- we saw all the amazing shows, visited the historical villages, experienced the WW1 trench, played in the water jets and got lost in the maze.

I have blogged about this amazing place in much more detail before here. I would recommend anyone who finds themselves in that part of France to pay a visit, ideally for more than a day if you can as there is so much to do.

Even better spend a night in one of their hotels and watch the amazing Cinescenie night show- this is what I would really love to do. We watched Cinescenie a couple of years ago and I would like to do that again but to stay in one of the hotels there too would be amazing! 

Tough Mudder and Fruitshoot Mini Mudder

This was an awesome adventure for my friend and me- we had an amazing time and loved getting muddy. We are both really keen to do this again this year and collect another sweatband! You can read all about our adventure here

I think I will get my Dad into training and so he can do the Tough Mudder adult version! 

This is quite possibly the best way to raise money for charity ever!


SportFest at Wormsley, Buckinghamshire

We have been to SportFest for the last two years and it is an absolutely fantastic way to spend a weekend for the whole family. You get to play sports and learn new ones with actual sporting legends. We had a whole weekend of amazing activities- a family run, a huge rugby game and a performance by the awesome RPJ band for the best concert. The food was great and the camping was fun. My highlight though was doing the conga across the cricket pitch led by Liverpool legend John Barnes! 

I would love to go back again, it was such an awesome weekend it would be very hard to beat. You can read all about our experience at SportFest here. We would all recommend this to any family (even my Mum who isn’t very sporty loves it). They even have a glamping option which looks awesome and very cosy and would mean you could get straight on with having fun.  

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Favourite Places

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My Favourite Place

There are lots of places I love to go- parks, the lakes and days out but I think my absolute very favourite place to go is the Puy Du Fou in France 

It is so much fun and there is so much to see and do. We have been there most years since I was little and last year we brought tickets so we could go anytime. This meant we were able to visit loads during our holiday.

It is like a theme park about the past and there are lots of different shows- The Gladiators, The Vikings, The Three Musketeers, the Knights of the round Table and many more. I think my favourite last year was the vikings, although they used to scare me! 

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The Viking Show

They have loads of animals in the park and lots of beautiful forests to walk through. There is a huge lake, and they have a light and water show there at night which is beautiful. At other times you can go and make the water jets shoot up yourself. There are lots of old towns you can visit and watch craftsmen making things. We tried got ice cream in the old market town and it was delicious! 

Last year we met one of the members of staff who asked if we wanted to have photos taken, they took us to a special room and let us choose what we wanted to dress up in and then we had lots of pictures taken which was awesome!

Preparing for a battle

There is an amazing huge night time show during the Summer, called Cinescenie which is not like anything you have ever seen before- it is an outside show and there are hundreds of actors and dancers telling a story, there is music, lights and fireworks- I couldn’t believe how they were able to transform the story with the lighting and I it was the latest I had ever been allowed to stay up- we didn’t get back to where we were staying until after midnight!

I really hope we are able to go again this year.

The Amazing Cinescenie