Dear Alien…

Writing just for fun!

Dear Alien,

Let me tell you about planet Earth.

We have plants that need water, soil and light they provide lots of the food that we eat.

We have ponds that have living creatures in them who swim around.

We have a sea that has whales in, it tastes of salt- YUUUUCCCKKK!

We have many creatures who live on the land, many have four legs, like the elephant who stomps around and trumpets loudly. The elephant is my favourite animal.

One of the most amazing creatures of all are the human beings. I am a human. We can think and we can make incredible inventions but we also have wars between ourselves and don’t always look after the other creatures like we should. We need to try to protect our planet and everything on it. It’s the most amazing place to live!

Come and see us soon and tell us about your planet.

From Luke age 7

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