Computer Coding for Children

Computer Coding for Children

As I mentioned before I love using a computer and playing computer games but don’t get to do so very often, so when my Mum found out about a site where you could create something by using coding and said we could have a look at it I jumped at the chance.

Barclays digital playground is a safe place for kids to try basic coding. There are loads of different things you can change by changing the instructions like speeding up chickens, making giraffes smaller or taller and popping toast really high. It is great fun to see what a difference a small change in the instructions can make. After playing around with this out for a while we decided to make Father’s Day cards using the program- this was really funny as you can add your family and make them do dances before adding music to the card. I spent ages setting up my family and was really happy with the result, this link takes you to the moving version of it-

happy father’s day to the coolest dad! coded by luke.

Then my little sister took over, amazingly she seemed to understand exactly what to do even though she is only three, so that shows how easy it is to do. She thought it was hilarious and liked adding lots of people and animals. She thought it was really funny to make the children tall and the adults small. The moving version of her card is at the link below-

happy father’s day, you rock! coded by lottie.

This was definitely a fun way to try coding and I was surprised at how easy it was to do and how much fun it was and I would really like to try this again sometime. These are the still pictures of our cards.

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