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My Favourite Place

There are lots of places I love to go- parks, the lakes and days out but I think my absolute very favourite place to go is the Puy Du Fou in France http://www.puydufou.com/en/ 

It is so much fun and there is so much to see and do. We have been there most years since I was little and last year we had season tickets so we could go anytime. This meant we were able to visit loads during our holiday.

The Puy Du Fou
is like a theme park about the past and there are lots of different shows- The Gladiators, The Vikings, The Three Musketeers, the Knights of the round Table and many more. I think my favourite last year was the vikings, although they used to scare me! 

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The Viking Show

They have loads of animals in the park and lots of beautiful forests to walk through. There is a huge lake, and they have a light and water show there at night which is beautiful. At other times you can go and make the water jets shoot up yourself. There are lots of old towns you can visit and watch craftsmen making things. We tried got ice cream in the old market town and it was delicious! 

Last year we met one of the members of staff who asked if we wanted to have photos taken, they took us to a special room and let us choose what we wanted to dress up in and then we had lots of pictures taken which was awesome!

Preparing for a battle

There is an amazing huge night time show during the Summer, called Cinescenie  http://www.puydufou.com/en/shows/night-time-shows/cinescenie?season=summer which is not like anything you have ever seen before- it is an outside show and there are hundreds of actors and dancers telling a story, there is music, lights and fireworks- I couldn’t believe how they were able to transform the story with the lighting and I it was the latest I had ever been allowed to stay up- we didn’t get back to where we were staying until after midnight!

I really hope we are able to go again this year.

The Amazing Cinescenie

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