It’s the taking part that counts…

It’s the taking part that counts…

Or so Mum tells me. 

It was Sports Day at School last Friday and my previous two years record has been good. I was on the winning team two years ago and the second place team last year so I had high hopes for this year. 

We compete as the whole of Key Stage 1 and the teams are made up of three people from Reception, three from Year One and three from Year Two to make things fair.

We worked our way around the circuit and instructed and refereed by the older children completed a series of activities including relay races, netball, obstacle courses, skipping, sack races and hurdles. As the oldest on my team (and being ever so slightly competitive) I took things very seriously and got a bit fed up when one of the younger boys was messing about but we all worked hard and all really wanted to win.

Sadly we didn’t and this year the school made the decision to only announce the top three teams so we will never know where we came in the competition but once we had got over our disappointment (helped by a lolly) we all chatted about what we had enjoyed and not winning wasn’t that important after all. 

What was interesting was seeing how everyone had different skills that put together gave the team a good chance. I was pretty good at the sack race and hurdles, one of my friends was so good at the sack race she could do it in about four jumps, some of the smaller children were brilliant at the obstacle course as they could get round it really well, the boy who wanted to mess about a bit was amazing at the javelin and whilst most of us boys couldn’t skip especially well the girls had all mastered that event and got us through it.

It was good fun working as a team, but honestly… I would still liked to have won!

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