Party Planning

Party Planning

Birthdays are big things in our house. My Dad says it is because my Mum’s birthday is near Christmas so she always makes a fuss when it is ours as she always felt lots of people forgot hers when she was little.

My 2nd birthday cake- Bob the Builder on the building site

It’s not long until my sister has her 4th birthday and they are planning what to do for her party. I tried to help but my sister wasn’t too keen on my ideas of a Nerf party or a football party and seems adamant it needs to be a Frozen party so I have gone back to planning my own birthday. Sadly even my Mum thinks more than 6 months before the birthday is too soon to plan the party. I don’t agree as they have said this year I am going to do something smaller but special like going out with just a couple of friends so I really need to think carefully about what I would like to do.

In the past we have had parties at the village hall (age 1,2 and 4), hired out soft play centres (ages 3 and 5) visited the ‘race room’ for simulated driving and done the climbing wall (age 6) and been to Spy missions (age 7) so I know I have been really, really lucky but I can’t help wishing I could have just one more proper party- there are so many things I would still like to do like the football party or the nerf party but perhaps it is now time to enjoy the party my little sister will have and perhaps one day, my baby brother’s birthday parties- at least he might go for the football idea! Mum and Dad will still find a way to make my birthday special and I do have a little bit of time to decide who I want to spend the time with which is the most important thing.

Mastering the climbing wall at my 6th birthday party

In the meanwhile I will perhaps help with planning Lottie’s 4th birthday party- they have decided a Frozen theme with a disco and lots of traditional party games. We have thought of pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues, sleeping lions, pass the balloon, limbo and an air guitar competition so far but Mum is worried that if some children don’t like dancing they might be bored… do you have any great ideas for discos or traditional party games you like to play? 

We would love to know about the best birthday celebrations you have had for yourself or been invited to for somebody else.

My 4th Birthday cake- this one wasn’t homemade!

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