Record Breakers

Record Breakers

We had a great time at the weekend as we were lucky enough to win a family ticket from FunKids Radio for the Barclaycard British Summer Time Event at Hyde Park on Sunday.

We got up bright and early and headed down to London arriving shortly after the gates had opened, once we had collected the tickets we had a wander around looking at everything that was going on and planning our day. Despite the pouring rain there was still lots to do and thousands of people there.

I wanted to watch Brainiac Live so we all went there but before the show had even got started properly there was a loud explosion which frightened Lottie, she hung on for a few more minutes but then they said if you don’t like loud bangs it wasn’t the show for you so she decided it was best to leave (with her hands firmly over her ears!) Her, Mum and baby Sam went off and left me and Dad to the science. It was amazing- they did load of different experiments and blew lots of things up, including balloons with different gases in. They also tried to see how many times they could spin round in a chair in 15 seconds. The first time they did it normally, the second time with a fire extinguisher and the third time with a fire extinguisher and a jet pack- it was really cool! You can see it at this link-

We then went to meet up with the others and found them at the main stage. We were just in time to join in with the record breaking attempt- they were going to see if they could have the most amount of people singing live on a radio broadcast so thousands of people joined in singing ‘Let It Go’ and it was broadcast on FunKids. It was very official as there was a representative from The Guiness Book of Records and lots of people checking it was being done properly, we then just had to wait to see if we had actually broken the record.

Next on was Justin Fletcher who Lottie really wanted to see as she loves Mr Tumble and is learning BSL. I thought he might be just for younger children but he was really funny. He did some signing, loads of songs and actions and also managed to get covered custard pies. 

By now the sun had come out and it had become a lovely day. Next on was Peppa and George for Lottie so she went with Dad to hear a story and we went on the hunt for some treats to eat, on the way back we saw the thing I had been waiting for coming out… Titan the Robot. I have already seen him twice but he is amazing- it is a huge robot guided by some kind of sensors and he sings, talks, moves, cries and loads more. I was really glad we managed to see him again. I would love to have a robot like that. I might draw a picture of my own dream robot and put it on here soon!

We spent some time doing other activities and having some rides on the fairground and then it was time to go home. There were going to be some concerts in the evening but we knew it would take two hours to get home and I had to be at school in the morning so we couldn’t stay to watch them. Maybe next time…

We had a really great day though and would definitely like to go again next year. Oh and this morning before school we tuned in to FunKids to hear the crowd singing Let It Go and found out the attempt had broken the record. We think it is quite cool to be part of the record breakers! 

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