Grand Designs!

Grand Designs

I LOVE the Redbull Soap Box Challenge and really enjoy watching it but more than anything would like to take part in it when I am older (although my Mum’s response is ‘absolutely not’!)

My Dad, however, really enjoys anything like that and quite likes the idea of it so whilst Mum might put her foot down and say we can’t actually race our creation he has suggested we start designing our own vehicle, which is quite fun in itself. We have some time together each evening once Sam is in bed and when Mum is reading Lottie her story so we have been putting our heads together to start designing our winning machine!

We have decided that we will be best off starting with a design, then building it out of LEGO and creating a test ramp for the LEGO version to be trialed on before sourcing the parts to build the final version and then hopefully testing it out! We have done some rough drawings so far and I we will start doing some full designs over the next few days.

Have you ever designed or built a vehicle of any sort? What tips can you give us? Any warnings of what we should look out for?!

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