SportFest 2015



SportFest 2015 

It seems like it was ages ago now but probably my favourite thing about our Summer holidays and the part of it that I have been writing about for my school work this week was going to SportFest.

We heard about SportFest last year when our friends went so we were really excited when we found out Mum had won some tickets from Jeep UK. We knew it was going to be a really good weekend but hadn’t realised exactly how amazing it was!

We traveled down on the Saturday morning and picked up our tickets and Lottie and I were given some cool SportFest T-shirts. We then quickly put our tent up and then went off to join the fun.

There were lots of sports sessions for everyone to join in with and the groups moved around so you could try everything and then there were some extra sessions you could sign up for if you wanted to switch the normal sports for something different.

I had a brilliant time trying Boxing- it was really hard work and the coaches were really good. My little sister did gymnastics and was helped by Gymnast Beth Tweddle. There were lots of famous sportspeople there helping coach the children, it was great because they were all really enthusiastic and keen to help you learn new skills. Dad and I are Liverpool fans so it was quite exciting to see John Barnes involved but sadly he was coaching the older football group so I didn’t pick up any tips 

from him, although the other football coaches were fantastic too. 

Over the two days we had an amazing time, I loved football, boxing and cricket but I think my favourite was hockey and I am actually going to start lessons this weekend now- yay! (Mum is very worried about my teeth after seeing how my Uncle’s are after years of playing hockey!) Lottie was too young for the proper groups but still got to try a few things including martial arts and the gymnastics and she now can’t wait until she is old enough to do gymnastics at school. It was such a great time to try new sports and learn new skills but it was also so much more than that.

There was loads of other things going on- we got to do a driving simulator, which was awesome, there was a climbing wall which moved and was sloped- it was so much harder than it looked and there was lots of other activities to take part in. It was amazing seeing the I AM Invictus team playing sit down volleyball and the sporting legends playing a 15:15 cricket match in the evening. This was followed by a band who were really cool- we had an amazing time dancing until late and then went back to the tent to get some sleep ready for the next day. Baby Sam actually slept all night even though Mum and Dad weren’t sure if they were mad taking a 15 week old baby camping but he stayed warm and was perfectly happy and we woke up bright and early ready to go again. 

Amazing Legends cricket match

The food was delicious and was all included in our prize, it was made by Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and we got some really yummy things. There were also apples all round the grounds for snacks and then Jaffa were there giving away delicious oranges and fresh orange juice and Weetabix were doing things too so we definitely couldn’t have gone hungry!

We also got to see the FA Cup and do a fitness test with Vitality which was quite funny (my Dad came out older than he really is and my Mum didn’t dare to do it!!) There was plenty of activities for grown ups too.

It was such an amazing weekend, I really would love to go again and would definitely recommend it to anyone with children who enjoy being active- just hoping Mum can be lucky enough to win us tickets again for next year!

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