A Review and a Competition

Our review of LEGO Awesome Ideas AND your chance to win a copy!

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As you have probably worked out by now I love my LEGO and it is rare when we are not building something or playing with something we have made so when I was offered the chance to review the LEGO Awesome Ideas book I jumped at the chance.

We have had the original LEGO Ideas book for a couple of years now so I was excited to see how the new one compared. I loved the last book as it had some great ideas and found it really interesting reading about the Brickmasters however I felt that it was full of things that most children wouldn’t be able to make straight off- the new LEGO Awesome Ideas Book is completely different from this point of view- there is some amazing creations but there is also loads of tips as to how to make them and some really great ideas as to how to adapt things.

My friends and I had a great afternoon looking through the book and deciding what we would like to make over the next few weeks. I really feel that we could have a good go at a lot of the things and love the fact that because it is an ‘ideas book’ rather than an instruction manual you can easily adapt the ideas to suit the pieces you have available. Whilst I like the excitement of opening a new box and set of instructions and making the sets up I also really enjoy taking a few pieces and seeing what I can create from them so this books suits me perfectly as it gives a starting point and provides plenty of helpful solutions.

The book is set up in sections so you can work on one complete project- such as Modern Metropolis or Fantasy Land and there are lots of small things you can make in each section if you are pressed for time.

Lottie and I have been having a play and Lottie has been making her usual LEGO house so I have been making furniture for it like the sofa and the table with stools shown in the book. I am in the process of making a glass fronted building which will be a greenhouse. We have made some vehicles to go with the traffic lights, fire hydrants and other Modern Metropolis things we have been making too.

I can see we are going to have hours of fun using the book and am sure we will keep going back to it time and time again. We are really pleased to be able to offer you a chance to win a copy of your own but if you can’t wait to get hold of it you can buy LEGO Awesome Ideas here on Amazon

Now for your chance to win a copy of this AWESOME book!

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