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6 things I love about living in the country

We live in a tiny village in the middle of the countryside and I go to school in a slightly bigger village ten minutes up the road. Our village has no shop and nothing much to do and we sometimes wish we didn’t have to use the car every time we want to do something but there are lots of other things I love about living here. Mum says this will change as I get older so we thought it would nice to be able to look back and see that there were great things about being here at the age of 7!

– Nature

I know you can find nature everywhere but it really is right on our doorstep- we were closing the curtains the other night and saw a little deer nibbling at the neighbours plants, it was such a lovely, surprising sight we couldn’t bring ourselves to shoo it away from the plants. We also get lots of birds of prey around- especially this time of year when they are plowing the fields. We have a little robin who visits every year and we have two hedgehogs that come into our garden- they make loads of noise!

– Machinery

At this time of year we get to see loads of really unusual farm vehicles along with the normal tractors (even if we sometimes get stuck behind them) and it it is really interesting to see them at work.

– Harvest

We aren’t very good at growing things (expect rhubarb which takes over our garden) but have lots of friends and family who are- we have been given pears by my friend, apples from our neighbour and my Granny and then have been blackberry picking too so we have been baking lots of delicious cakes and crumbles- yummmm!

– Clear Skies

We get a great view here of the sky at night and in the middle of the night the other week when I woke up I got a great view of the Super Moon. I really like getting my telescope out and having a good look and have been able to see the moon really closely and spot some of the planets. Lottie has decided she would like to ask for a telescope for herself for Christmas but wants it to be pink!!

– Fields

I love getting my walking boots on and dragging Dad out for a long walk through the woods and across the fields- we collect leaves, sticks and have lots of fun running through the fields and jumping in the puddles.

– Snow

It is awesome when we get snow here, it takes forever to melt as not many cars use the road so when the snow turns to ice it lasts for ages and because it is quite quiet we have lots of fun sledging before getting started on the snowmen and snow angels! Oh and it’s not too awful when we get snowed in and can’t get to school for a day!

As you can imagine I am hoping for snow this year, we haven’t really had a lot since Lottie was a baby so she has never really had the chance to play in it properly and I can’t wait!

What’s the best thing about where you live?

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