Treats for friends

Giving Gifts: Bargains to be found at The Entertainer!

I love this time of year as I can start counting down to Christmas and my birthday- it’s hard not to get excited once the Christmas decorations start going up in the shops. All the celebrations, school holidays, good food, fun times with friends and family- not to mention (hopefully) a few presents.

Of course it’s always so exciting receiving presents and I love to write my ‘wish list’ in the hope I might be lucky enough to get something off it but now I also love giving presents that I know the people I am giving them too will like too. I normally make something for Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandad and my sister (and this year my brother too!) and Mum helps me out by getting a few little bits for my closest friends.

Next week however, one of my best friends, is going to be getting a treat that she will love (even though it’s not Christmas or her birthday so it will be a real unexpected surprise! 
The Entertainer have been kind enough to give me something she will be absolutely thrilled with.

The toys from The Entertainer are a set of One Direction dolls- she is a huge One Direction fan and also being a 7 year old girl quite likes her dolls too. These dolls come boxed as collectors items so she can either keep them safely in their boxes as keepsakes or she can play with them as toys. They look quite funky and the resemblance to the band members is good.They seem to be quite sturdy and good to play with and are a similar size to other fashion dolls so could be used with them or mad One Direction fans might prefer to keep them boxed. 

Either way though these are great value at just £3.50 each- they are currently reduced at 
The Entertainer by over £10 each so if you are stuck for a gift idea these are a bargain. Zayn is sold out but you can get the whole of the rest of the set for under £15- you can’t really go wrong with that as a gift can you?!

I can’t wait to see my friend next week during half term- she is going to love her gift and have so much fun – thanks so much to The Entertainer for letting us have this fab set.

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