The most awesome and disgusting book EVER!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Eye Popping Oddities 2016- 

The most awesome and disgusting book ever!!!

I have recently been sent a copy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and it is quite possibly the best book ever.
I have never read their books before but I love this. The front cover is amazing- it has eyeballs and because it is 3D they actually follow you around the room.

There are loads and loads of little stories and facts throughout the book and they are so interesting. Some of them are really freaky though and make you squeeze you eyes closed and say ewww and I am really liking finding lots of stories about snakes to show my Mum who hates them!
I took this book to a family get together at the weekend and everybody had a read and all the people I showed found something that they wanted to read out loud to everybody else so I think this book is perfect for all ages.
I would say this would be a fantastic Christmas present or even just a treat for anyone age 6 upwards who enjoys reading about unusual things and I am definitely going to be going back to this book time and time again.

A note from Mum- 

At an RRP of £20.00 this is quite a pricey read, however, having watched Luke read it nearly constantly over the weekend I would actually say it is well worth the money! 
With just the right amount of ‘disgusting-ness’ this book is perfect for children of all ages from age 5-6 upwards. If the yucky bits aren’t your thing there are also plenty of other just plain amazing facts too. The bite size snippets of stories make this book perfect for both reluctant readers as well as the more confident. 

I can see this book being dipped in and out of for years to come.

If you would like to order a copy of this book, which we feel will make fantastic reading for all the family it can be found here on Amazon and at the time of writing was listed at a much lower than retail price.



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