Awesome Toy Cars for Big Kids!

Awesome Toy Cars for Big Kids- Modarri Kit Cars Review

I love cars and always have done. When I was little I played with mine all the time- having races, creating traffic jams and causing smashes but as I have got older I don’t really get them out much now unless Lottie wants to play but I have recently been sent some new cars that are going to change that.

Trends UK have added the amazing Modarri Kit Cars to their range. These cars were developed in the USA and are customisable to build any way you want. All the parts are included to make an awesome car from start to finish with real steering, suspension and rubber tyres. They don’t take batteries and the tool is included which works with special screws that you can’t lose.

There are three types of car- dirt, street and track and they all come with the chassis, suspension, hood and tyres – even better they are all interchangeable so you can have great fun swapping the parts around and building then rebuilding them over and over again.

Once you have built them you can then get on with playing with them but unlike normal children’s cars you can actually ‘drive’ these by placing your fingers in the seats which allows you to spin, jump, do wheelies and just drive the vehicles before starting again.

I have really loved playing with these- they are for age 8 plus and I have found them to be relatively straightforward to put together but they took long enough and made you think enough that it feels like a proper activity just to build them. I love the way if you have a couple of the cars you don’t have to exactly follow the instructions you can just see where your imagination takes you- in fact I saw thereare over 13 billion combinations of Modarri cars you can create- which is pretty amazing.

I have spent quite a lot of time playing with these over the half term- they are good fun to build and also great to play with. The cars are very responsive and I have created a track with a bundle of packaging that we had to recycle which gave them loads of obstacles to get round and over and we spent ages racing around.

I am looking forward to playing with these with my car mad friend who will absolutely love them and would I recommend then for any child who enjoys building, taking things apart or just playing with vehicles.

They have a RRP of £19.99 and my Mum is planning on using the idea for several people’s birthday presents as we have never seen anything else like this and we know they will be really popular.

My recycling car track with jumps and obstacles!

Disclaimer: We were lucky enough to be sent the Modarri Cars from Trends UK to test but all views and opinions are my own. Thank you

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