New Year, New Ideas

16 things for 2016!

A bit late perhaps but Happy New Year to anyone who stumbles across this post!

We had a very nice Christmas, although a little quieter than normal as my Mum had an operation on the day before we finished school and used the break as chance to recover, but we all enjoyed spending lots of time together, had plenty of visits from family and friends and had loads of time to enjoy playing with new toys and getting stuck in to new craft projects.

Now we are back at school and back to real life. 

Like most people I have been thinking about New Years resolutions but couldn’t really think of anything I wanted to make a resolution about- just lots of ideas of things I would like to do this year so instead we have made a family resolution, which is to waste less. This is to cover everything from money, to electricity, to food, to time and is meant to help us remember to turn off lights and not waste water and to make sure that we enjoy the time we spend together rather than sitting around watching something not very interesting on TV – I am sure I will let you know how we get on!

In the meantime here is my own list of things I would like to try and do during 2016- hopefully I will be able to cross lots of them off the list as the year goes on…

1. Help teach Sam to walk and talk…. obviously his first word will be ‘Luke’

2. Play with Lottie more at school as she loves it when she and her friends can play with me and my friends (I just wish they didn’t chase me all the time.)

3. Learn a new sport. I think I would like to try Volleyball this year as that looks awesome.

4. Learn a new skill– my Mum got a sewing machine for her birthday and I would like to learn how to use it and I would also like to do more cooking this year.

5. Learn a language… I have been learning a bit of french and would like to learn more this year. I would also like to learn more British Sign Language.

6. Use my telescope. I have a fantastic telescope that was a birthday gift a couple of years ago but haven’t had chance to use it much in the past few months and would like to do so more over this year.

7. Use my metal detector- I have also had a metal detector for quite a while and have enjoyed using this in our garden but would love to go out exploring properly. My friends Mum has a permit and has said I can go along and help her so I would love to do that and find out more about doing it properly. She has made some really interesting finds in the past which would be amazing.

8. Go camping. We went camping a couple of times last year and I love it. I like helping Dad set everything up and then love sleeping in the tent. We went camping at SportFest last year which was fantastic and is definitely firmly on my wishlist to do this year as that was probably my perfect weekend. (fingers crossed my Mum can win tickets again!!)

9. Grow something. We always try but are never very successful so I would like to grow something nice that we can eat.

10. Get on my bike. We live in the middle of nowhere and along some dangerous roads so I can’t go out by myself but I would like to use my bike more this year- I need to get my Dad to get his bike out and come out on an adventure with me.

11. Go on a plane. I think this is unlikely as it will cost a lot for all 5 of us to go somewhere but I have never been on a plane and would really love to do so… maybe my Mum can enter a competition to win a holiday with plane tickets too!!

12. Read the rest of the Harry Potter books– two more (and five chapters to go) Although I will be sad when we have finished them too as the next time I read them I will know what happens.

13. Watch all the Star Wars films… in order… I have seen most of them but now I want to watch them in order!

14. Save my pocket money up… I would like to get a Strawtastic set for me and Lottie to share as I think we could make an amazing den! I would also like to buy Kylo Ren’s light sabre and some Star Wars LEGO so need to not spend it on little things rather than putting it away. I need to start doing lots of jobs to save up now…

15. Do something for charity. We normally do the Macmillan coffee morning (although we do ours in the afternoon) and this year my Mum is vice chair on the PTA so we will be doing lots of fundraising for the school but I would like to choose a charity to support myself and do something to raise money for it so I will be thinking about that too.

16. Try something new… Come up with a completely new idea of something I wouldn’t have thought of before— if you have any thoughts then send me your ideas and I will pick something fun to try!

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