What Pet Should I Get? Dr Seuss Book Review

What Pet Should I Get? Dr Seuss Book Review

We are huge fans of Dr Seuss in this house so we were very excited to hear there was a book out that we hadn’t yet come across.

What Pet Should I Get? Has been discovered as one of Dr Seuss’ many ‘works-in-progress’ and has recently been published. This is a real treat for Dr Seuss fans of any age and is just as good as any of the others.

This is a lovely story about two children, a brother and sister, who go to the pet shop excited because they are allowed to chose a pet all of their own- it is a good lesson  for small children (especially ones like my sister who always says ‘I can’t decide’) because it is all about making your mind up. Just like many Dr Seuss stories there is a little twist in the end and that means you get to put your own spin on the book. 

Lottie took this book to share with her class (all age 4 and 5) and they really liked it. The story is really good for this age group, it is in the well known rhyming style of Dr Seuss and they all liked the pictures too. She said it gave them lots to talk about when the teacher had finished reading and they all had favourite pets that they wished the children would pick. I think this is a great book for children age 3 upwards – it is perfect as soon as they are able to sit down long enough to listen to a story and enjoy the rhyming style and it will appeal to Dr Seuss fans of ages.

I also really enjoyed reading the publishers notes at the back of the book which gave lots of interesting details about how the book came to be found and where the illustrations were from.

You can buy a copy of this lovely book here

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