My Perfect Dream Holiday

My Perfect Dream Holiday 

Mark Warner are on the hunt for Blogger Ambassadors for their Ambassador Programme and have asked people to think about what makes the perfect holiday- which on a wet, cold and windy February half term sounds like a fun way to spend some time.

I have been thinking about this all week and Lottie and I have lots of ideas of what makes the perfect holiday for us so we decided we would have a go at a craft entry. I have had to let Mum be a little more involved in the planning of this post than some of my previous posts because you have to be over 18 to enter (she definitely is even though she tries to pretend she is only 21!) but all the ideas are (mostly) my own! If we are lucky enough to be chosen as ambassadors it would be a team effort for the whole family anyway!

Making my own fleet of planes!

For me the perfect holiday is just about anywhere that means going on a plane as despite being involved in the testing of Terminal 2 at Heathrow I have never actually been on a plane! Having looked at the places Mark Warner travel to they have some stunning destinations (I especially liked the look of Sardinia which I had to look up on my globe) and they have some amazing facilities- skiing looks awesome and terrifying at the same time and I would love to try it but I have decided to write about my dream to visit America as it is somewhere I have wanted to go for ages and gives me some good craft ideas AND you need to go by plane! I would love to travel around lots of different states and explore.

Once I had decided this we quickly made up a batch of chocolate brownies to get us in the mood and inspire us to think about the things that we would like that would make this a dream holiday. This would most certainly include lots of nice things to eat!

Perhaps not as good as the real thing but our own batch of chocolate brownies-yum!

I like the idea of going somewhere that has a lot of history and America certainly ticks that box. I would love to visit the Statue of Liberty and join in with some of the 4th July celebrations. Lottie loves dressing up at the moment so didn’t object to much to me turning her into our answer to the Statue of Liberty!

Dressing my sister up as The Statue of Liberty!

Of course there is the sport too which is quite different from in the UK and as sport plays such a big part in my life I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and see something completely different- I have had a try at making an American football pitch out of LEGO – it was much harder than a UK one!

Starting to make an American football pitch

My perfect holiday would have lots of nature and animals so I would like to go to some of the National Parks and of course would want to see the Grand Canyon- it looks amazing. A trip to the beach would be nice too.

Clay dino fossils… from the year 2016!

I like to learn something when I am on holiday but it needs to be interesting so I would really love to see the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas – earlier this half term we had a fun day of dino crafts to make our own Dinosaur Valley and enjoyed made dinosaur footprints out the front of our house (to scare Dad when he got home) and dino fossils using clay but we would love to see the real place!

Creating our own Dinosaaur Valley at home!

Every perfect holiday has to have something that is completely out of this World so for me that would have to be a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. For now though I will have to be content with making my own rockets and space ships!

My favourite bear ready for take off!

I also enjoy seeing how places are different to home and would love to see some skyscrapers. I had lots of fun creating a nighttime skyscraper picture- all the windows have their lights on because Mum says New York is the city that never sleeps!

The City that Never Sleeps!

Then most important for my perfect holiday would be that there would be lots of FUN. Disneyland would be right at the top of the list for a trip to America because lets face it- what 8 year old wouldn’t want to go?! 

Lottie enjoying being Minnie Mouse!

What would make your perfect holiday? 

This is our entry into the Mark Warner Blogger Ambassador Programme ‘Crafting King’ Catagory. You can see some of the other fantastic entries into The Blogger Ambassador Programme by following @mwholidays #markwarnermum #markwarnerdad

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