Blue Kangaroo Book Review

Blue Kangaroo Books by Emma Chichester Clark

 A Review Interview with My Little Sister!

We have been a bit quiet here on the blog recently because we have been very busy and one of the things we have been busy with is reading lots of awesome books we have been sent to review. 

Lottie was very happy when we were asked to review three new books from The Blue Kangaroo series as she was very much certain these were to be her books… and whilst they are very nice books with sweet stories and good pictures they are definitely aimed more at four year old girls than eight year old boys! So I decided to let Lottie enjoy the books and then interview her to see what she thought of them! 

Me: Lottie you have been sent three new books- ‘Happy Birthday, Blue Kangaroo!’ ‘Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo?’ and ‘When I First Met You, Blue Kangaroo!’ What did you think of them?
Lottie: I really liked them all, I can read some of the words myself but Mummy has read me the stories because they are too hard for me to read them all. 

Me: Which of the books is your favourite?
Lottie: I think ‘Happy Birthday, Blue Kangaroo is my favourite.

Me: Why do you like that one best?
Lottie: I like the birthday party and that when Blue Kangaroo is sad Lily has a good idea to make him happy again and then everybody wishes they had a Blue Kangaroo. I wish I had a Blue Kangaroo too!

Me: Where would you get a Blue Kangaroo?
Lottie: Maybe from the zoo?… In Australia? It’s a long way.

Me: Ok, maybe you should see if you can save up for a teddy instead, I don’t think we have space for a Kangaroo here. What else did you like?
Lottie: I liked it when Lily kept loosing Blue Kangaroo in ‘Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo?’ and that she got him back in the end.

Me: Was there anything you didn’t like in these books? Where the stories too long or just right?
Lottie: I LOVED everything. The stories are really good and not too long and I like the drawings too. I really do wish I had a Blue Kangaroo!

Me: OK Lottie. Would you recommend these books to other children your age?
Lottie: YES! I took them to school and we all read ‘Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo’

Me:Did everybody like it?
Lottie: Yes and we then all made our own Kangaroos in their pouches and we decorated Australian flags. It was fun.

Me: Thank you Lottie, I am glad you liked these books and that all your four and five year old friends enjoyed them too. I will look out for a Kangaroo for you!

Lottie’s Blue Kangaroo in his pouch!


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