Our First Mission! -Bigjigs Play Patrol 2016

Our First Mission!- Bigjigs Play Patrol 2016

We are so excited to be part of the Bigjigs Play Patrol and have been waiting anxiously to get started so you can imagine how popular our postman was when he knocked on the door with a special delivery for us!

We loved our Play Patrol T-shirts and tried them on straight away (they fit perfectly- thanks Bigjigs!) and Lottie especially likes walking round with the bag slung over her shoulder. 

I think Sam liked the look of our parcel!
Since we were both very little we have both had several Bigjigs toys which have been very loved. Our favourite is Lottie’s puppet theatre which gets played with by every child who comes into our house and has now seen more performances than some real theatres!

We couldn’t wait to see what the Bigjigs team were wanting us to try out for our first mission.

Tucked inside the box was a brightly coloured packet of what look liked felt tipped pens, however, on investigation we discovered they were actually solid poster paints. The packaging promised painting in a fun, easy and clean way which sounded like a very good idea to my Mum! We decided to spend the following afternoon testing them out.

The PlayColor One solid poster paints work brilliantly for painting- the finish looks exactly like normal paint but has the advantage of drying really quickly which is great because it means you don’t drip paint everywhere and you can paint straight on top without the colours running together. The poster paints come out really nicely on normal paper and have lovely bright, cheerful finishes. I had fun trying the paints on black paper which also worked really well – although the instructions say there is also a metallic set available which would look amazing on black paper if you were looking for something a little different.

The PlayColor One paints arrived just in time as our task for the weekend was to get everything ready for world book day which included decorating vegetables to resemble book character so we thought it would be fun to test them in this way. The paint took to our potatoes well and dried really nicely- although unsurprisingly it did take longer to dry than on paper but this was a great solution for a quick project rather than mixing up paints, making a huge mess and then having to clean pots and wash brushes. We hope you like our veggies!

Once we had done our decorating it was time to tidy up- unlike normal paints there was no washing up, no brushes to dry, just some lids to put back on and some pens to pop in to the box. We didn’t even have to get changed! A wetwipe did the job of cleaning the paint off skin perfectly and the tiny bit we did get on the table came off very easily with a quick wipe which pleased Mum no end. 

We really like the PlayColor One solid poster paints. We think these make a really fun much quicker alternative to using paint and would also be great if you were travelling as they are very portable and not at all messy. We will be taking ours on holiday with us and will be using them for our holiday artwork! 

So there you have it, mission one complete. Verdict- an awesome product which we would buy more of AND the bonus of our World Book Day homework being finished too!

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