A Poem by Me!

A Poem by Me!

We have been learning about rivers at school and in writing we were asked to write a poem about them. I really enjoyed doing this so thought I would add it to my blog.

The Journey

I begin in the mountains,high, high above,
Dripping down until I form a stream,
I bubble through moss
And drip down ledges, 
Trickling down the mountain
Rushing into a river, skidding on the bank,
I curve around and around.
Now I am deeper- you can’t see my bed,
I softly swirl all around.
My current is less swift,
More soft,
I drop the mud.
You definitely can’t see my bed now.
I see hospitals and skyscrappers.
I can feel trains rumbling under me,
The air is polluted.
I need to get out of the city!
Now I am in the marshes,
One step from where I want to be.
I mix with the salt.
I am here.
My trip is over!

by Luke age 8

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