More Outdoor Fun with Bigjigs

More Outdoor Fun with Bigjigs

Our garden needs a lot of work but we are slowly starting to get it sorted out and have been enjoying spending much more time outside this year than we have been able to before. We have already had some fun Bigjigs toys to test that were great for using outdoors and were pleased the toys we were sent this month to review were also for getting outside with.

We have been sent the Bigjigs foot walkers which we both really like. They have a jungle design and we both really like these. They are designed for children age three plus and are ideal for children age 3 to 5 but are still just big enough and sturdy enough for me to use and both Lottie and I really like them. They are quite steady and more comfortable than the plastic bucket ones you can get and we have both been using them a lot. I like the jungle design which makes them good fun- especially when I am chasing Sam on them!

We also received the Bigjigs Natural Wooden Quoits set. This was perfect timing as it arrived just before we were due to go camping for a night. As it didn’t take up much space I was allowed to take these along and we all enjoyed playing with them.

The Quoits are very easy to put together and everything just twisted in to place making it easy for kids to set up on their own and amazingly it all fits back in the box nicely too which means that you won’t be hunting round for all the pieces later on. This is a good game for all the family as you just change the distance each age has to throw from- although I wasn’t sure about Sam being allowed to walk up to it and put his hoop on rather than throwing it!

Once again we really liked these garden toys from Bigjigs, I have played with toys similar to both of these before but feel like these are much nicer and will last a lot longer than other ones we have seen. We all had lots of fun with them.

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