Everyone Needs a Giant T-Rex!

We were lucky enough to meet some of the people from Kids@Play over the weekend and had chance to see some of their amazing toys.

Tucked away in the corner was an extremely large but very well behaved T-Rex, he was sitting safely out of the way and seemed to manage to avoid scaring too many people throughout the day. When we got to the end of the day we were lucky enough to be given our very own inflatable dinosaur.

As you can imagine my Mum had a few concerns about adding the newly named Trevor the T -Rex to our toy collection but having seen how much fun we have had with him today she is surprisingly ok with him having his own space in our house!

It was Lottie’s birthday party today and we couldn’t miss the chance to show off our Giant Inflatable T-Rex. He greeted everyone at the door and as more people arrived we all hid behind him and roared at the next arrivals. Then he had great fun joining in with the dancing  – unsurprisingly he was a regular winner at musical statues.

The T-Rex stood up to bring played with by fifteen five year olds, being dragged around the dance floor before Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk attempted to beat him up and looks as good as when he came out of his box.

I love the T-Rex, he is great fun and good for both for decoration and imaginative play.  I am not sure how my Mum is going to feel when she meets him in the middle of the night but I would recommend him for any children age 5 plus. It’s great that you can deflate him and re-inflate him when you want to play as it makes it a much more practical toy. I am very tempted to fill him with helium, hold on tight and see what happens!

If all our fun has made you realise that what you are missing from your home is your very own Giant T-Rex you will be pleased to know you can buy one here!

Watch Out Sam- he’s behind you!


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