A Belated Happy New Year!

A Belated Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged for ages partly because I have been really busy with school in the run up to Christmas and partly because my Dad has been quite poorly so my Mum hasn’t had much time to help me. 

I wanted to write again this weekend though and try and get back into updating more often because I really like looking back and remembering things I have enjoyed.

Despite my Dad being ill over the last few months we still enjoyed a nice Christmas, although it was a bit quieter than we would have liked but still fun and I would like to wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year.

I haven’t really done any resolutions this year- more like things I would like to try and do, including blogging more often and learning a new sport.

Therefore, I thought this would be a good chance to review my 16 aims for 2016 and see how we got on, so here goes…

1. Help teach Sam to walk and talk…
Sam now walks and talks and is very nearly a terrible 2! His favourite word is ‘No’ but he does say it with a cheeky smile!

2. Play with Lottie more at school.
Hmmm, sometimes. She does still drive me mad by chasing me though.

3. Learn a new sport.
I thought volleyball would be fun but didn’t do that- I did start doing basketball on Tuesday mornings though. I have really enjoyed it and have taken part in a tournament and a holiday camp. I was very happy to win best team player of the camp and got a medal and basketball to keep.

4. Learn a new skill.
I have been learning lots of DIY skills this last year and have really enjoyed this- I have built furniture by myself and fixed a cupboard door among other things.

5. Learn a language
Sort of- my french is a little better and I can now sign Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in BSL- I am sure that will come in very useful!

6. Use my telescope.
We have been rubbish with this- we probably only got it out once or twice last year. I will try and use it a bit more this year.

7. Use my metal detector.
I have not used this at all last year, I will never find buried treasure at this rate!

8. Go Camping
We did manage this one- we went camping at Sportfest and had a great time, although our new tent wasn’t very cosy and we were a bit cold!

9. Grow something.
We still didn’t do brilliantly with our vegetables but did manage to get a couple of tomatoes, a few strawberries and a ton of rhubarb so we will definitely try again this year!

10. Get on my bike.
I did manage to get out on my bike a bit more until my Dad became ill- we went around our local lakes quite a few times which I hope to do more once he starts to get better.

11. Go on a plane.
Sadly this still remains on my wish list. Something to keep hoping for this year perhaps!

12. Read the rest of the Harry Potter books
I have done this and was quite sad when I finished. It’s probably time to start again soon! I also enjoyed reading Fantastic Beasts and The Cursed Child but preferred the books to screenplay, although I would still love to see it at the theatre.

13. Watch all the Star Wars Films
Definitely did this! LOVE the new one- I went with 8 friends for my birthday and it was awesome!

14. Save my pocket money for something specific
I was very happy to do this and have now got some fab Star Wars LEGO and also the Base Ace set I got at BRICK 2016 which I had wanted for ages.

15. Do something for charity.
We did plenty of fundraising things with school and Dad and I also were volunteers at the local Race For Life- this was very hard work as one of the first ladies who came through broke her ankle and needed help.

I would like to do something like this again though, it was a really good atmosphere and I enjoyed being involved and cheering everyone.

16. Try something new.
My sister and I went to a cookery class in the Summer which was completely new for both of us, it was great. It was held in an Italian restaurant and we learned how to make a lasagne- my parents were very impressed with it. It was even better than my Mum’s- did you know the secret ingredient is nutmeg?!

Not too bad overall then but still a few things to cross of my list! Let’s hope 2017 brings lots of chances to do plenty of fun things for everyone.

sparkling trails of light drawing out the numbers 2017 in glowing light to welcome in the new year

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