Building a Bird Nesting Box

We recently took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch and while looking on there website we found some instructions for building your own nesting box.

My Mum and Dad had given me my own toolbox for my birthday and I thought this looked like a good project to attempt to start with. We printed off the instructions and went to the shop to buy the parts and then I measured up the wood and got going.

My Dad cut the wood for me and drilled the hole but otherwise I was able to do most of it myself with just some supervision. We added some roofing felt to the roof as we thought it would make it better but this was the only change we made as the instructions were really easy to follow. We also attached a hook to the bottom to allow us to add a bird feeder.

If you want to try it yourself this is the link for the instructions we used

I was really pleased with it and gave it to my Grandad for a birthday present. He said it was the best present he had!

I am now going to make a nesting box for our garden and my Mum’s friend has asked me to make her one so I am going to be very busy! I think I might use woodstain on the next one but you don’t have to do that if you use the right type of wood.



8 thoughts on “Building a Bird Nesting Box

  1. This looks amazing! Well done you, what a fantastic thing to have done by yourself. I remember making a bird box when I was a child and really enjoyed watching the birds come to visit it. I hope you have some birds come and visit yours – you’ll have to let us know what you spot! x

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      Thank you- I loved doing it and my Grandad was very pleased with it, I am looking forward to making one for our garden next. I have also seen a bug hotel to make that looks good too!

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      Thank you, I really enjoyed doing it. I am making another one for our friends now. #MakeItLinky

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