Splashing About- TERM Wellies Review and a chance to win!

We seem to have spent the last few weeks battling illnesses and bugs so when the weekend came and everyone was well we were all desperate to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. It also seemed a perfect time for Lottie to try out her lovely new Term wellies that she had been sent to test.

Lottie had a birthday party in the morning so we  all went off to pick her up and after a short delay with a very flat tyre we headed off to the lakes.

We had a great afternoon scooting and running around and enjoyed the play area. Lottie really enjoyed wearing her new boots which until then she had just been wearing to dance around the house in.

She says they are REALLY comfortable and lovely and warm. I am quite jealous as they don’t go up to my size! I would definitely have a pair if they did. Sam loves them too, he keeps stealing them from the cupboard and putting them on when Lottie isn’t looking! We will need to get him his own pair so that she actually gets to wear them when she needs them!

There is a really good choice of colours. Lottie went with the bright red pair and they are really nice. They have a toasty inner lining which keeps them warm in the winter and can come out in the Summer. This also allows a bit more room when your feet grow. They have a little reflective bit at the back too which is useful to help keep you safer at night.

My Mum says that at £21.99 they are a little more money than she would normally spend on wellies but that she can see why because they are much better quality and Lottie can wear them for hours without complaining they hurt her feet which she normally does! She also says they are ‘true to size’. We got Lottie a size larger than her normal shoe size which is what we do with wellies but actually the normal shoe size would have fit her fine.

Maybe no party clothes  next  time!


I really like the Term wellies and my sister would definitely recommend them (she would wear them all the time if she was allowed to wear them to school!) We are pleased to have been able to team up with Term to offer you the chance to win a pair of these fantastic wellies in your choice of colour and size EUR 21 to EUR 35.

Good Luck!

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64 thoughts on “Splashing About- TERM Wellies Review and a chance to win!

  1. I would love to visit my friends in St Louis, Missouri. Although it seems it’s hot there quite a lot so I don’t know how many puddles I’d have to jump in! 🙂

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      That sounds like an amazing place- perhaps you’d have to have a water fight and create a few little puddles!

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      Sounds like it would be perfect. I love the look of Hawaii, although I am not sure I would want to go during the monsoon season!

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      Our friends have just got back from New Zealand- it looks awesome! The wellies are great- my sister is obsessed with wearing them!

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      My Mum and Dad went there before I was born- the pictures look amazing, I think that would be a great place to go… I wonder if there would be many puddles?!

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      That would be awesome. Japan looks amazing- my friend at school really wants to go there and he has been showing us lots of pictures

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      You would definitely need a good pair of wellies then! It’s a lovely place though isn’t it?

  2. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    I don’t mind where I go to puddle jump as long as my four year old twins are there right beside me splashing away, or Canada I’m not fussed, lol.

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