The best (and worst!) things about being a big brother!

I am getting excited because we will have a new baby cousin any day soon. I quite like babies, especially when they don’t wake me up with their crying in the night. Unfortunately though my cute baby sister grew into an annoying little sister and my cute baby brother became a tantrum throwing toddler- although they both have a few good points sometimes!

I know you don’t get to choose whether to have younger siblings or not but I thought I would list some of the best and worst points about being a big brother for my little cousin before his baby sister arrives!

10 things that are good about being a big brother

  1. You can boss them around!
  2. Being able to play with toys that you have probably really outgrown
  3. You can read them your favourite stories
  4. You can help them learn how to do things…like walk and talk and cause trouble!
  5. Sometimes you can encourage them to try things they might not otherwise have done- my sister plays hockey now because she liked coming to watch me play when she was small.
  6. If you are the older one you get to stay up a bit later
  7. You are allowed to do a few more things at times
  8. When they are babies they get all excited when they see you and kick their legs!
  9. It’s really cute when they smile at you- Lottie smiled at me first out of everyone and we were the first people Sam laughed at.
  10. They can be really funny and they say silly things.

The 5 worst things about being a big brother.

  1. They boss you around!
  2. Little brothers and sisters are very noisy
  3. They always want whatever you are playing with.
  4. You have to watch what they want to on T.V sometimes… but it’s always the same episode you have already seen.
  5. They think you are a climbing frame
    Cuddles with my brother when he was tiny!


    Mostly there are more good things than bad and most of the time I wouldn’t want to change them… except maybe when my sister and her friends are chasing me at school!


2 thoughts on “The best (and worst!) things about being a big brother!

  1. Emma Hearn says:

    I know exactly what you mean!! It’s fun and not fun being the eldest at the same time 🙂 It doesn’t change even when you’re a grown up!

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