Review of The Night Spinner by Abi Elphinstone

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I became a fan of Abi Elphinstone last year when I was asked to review the first two books in her trilogy of stories about Moll and her quest to save the world from the Shadowmasks.

Since I finished reading The Shadow Keeper I have been waiting for the next book to be released so I could find out what happens next and the final book in the trilogy- The Night Spinner is even better than I expected.

I was so excited to find the people at South Kensington Books had sent me a copy of The Night Spinner as soon as it was released and even more excited when I realised that it had been signed by Abi Elphinstone herself! I took it into school to show and now everyone wants to read it! I have said they should start with The Dreamsnatcher though so they can enjoy all three books in order.

My Mum and I have been reading The Night Spinner together as a bedtime story and have dragged it out for as long as possible because we didn’t want it to end but we have now finished it. I am quite sad in a way because I don’t know what to read anymore and was enjoying it so much but I am so glad the ending was as good as I hoped.

If you have read The Dreamsnatcher and The Shadow Keeper you certainly won’t be disappointed- there is Shadowmasks, Peatboggers, Kelpies, Giants and Goblins and a feeling that you should definitely be wary of cobwebs but at the same time there is friendship and courage and hope.

There are sad bits and happy bits and the book is even better than the other two and although Moll is as spiky as ever you really want her to find the Amulet of Truth and win against the final two Shadowmasks even though it seems like she has no chance against the dark magic they are spreading everywhere with The Veil.

Set in the Northern Wilderness the descriptions are amazing and you feel like you could be lost out on deserted moors or heading deep into the mist- it made me want to go on an adventure!

There is a great twist near the end and you are kept guessing what will happen until the very last minute.

This is easily the best book I have read in ages and would recommend it to anyone age 8 or over- including grown ups as I had to keep hiding the book so my Mum didn’t read ahead!

I am just hoping that Abi Elphinstone is busy writing her next trilogy!



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