May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Competition

I am quite obsessed with Star Wars. I have watched all the films and read lots of books, I have t-shirts, LEGO, Stationary, teddies and Pyjamas. I probably know more about Star Wars than I do anything else!

As lots of my friends are equally big fans we spend a lot of our school play times talking about Star Wars and playing Star Wars type games. You can imagine we are all getting quite excited about Star Wars Day!

We have been excitedly checking the deals at the LEGO store and seeing what else is happening. Now I just need to convince my Mum that she really does want to take us all the way across to the LEGO store after school on May The Fourth!

I asked if we could run a competition for Star Wars Day and my parents agreed but now we have brought the prize I am too excited for someone to win it so I am starting it a bit early.

We are giving one lucky winner the following Star Wars bundle-

Rouge One on DVD

Star Wars Wallet

Star Wars Fridge Magnet

Light Sabre pen set

Star Wars Activity pack

Star Wars disposable watch

Star Wars Hero Mashers Shadow Trooper

Star Wars Travel Mug

Good Luck!


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50 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Competition

  1. Star Wars A New Moon because it was the fist Star Wars film I saw and I remember going to see it at the cinema with my parents and brother when I was little!

  2. hali kinson says:

    My favourite star was character is Darth Vader as he is mysterious! My favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back as kept me on my toes watching it!

  3. Liam Bishop says:

    Empire Strikes Back – the whole end scene is the best in the series. Gives me tingles now. NooooooOOOooOO!!!

  4. Jordan Jarmain says:

    My fave Star Wars film is actually rogue one. I know: controversial. But it’s reawakened a love for the star wars franchise that I haven’t had since the original trilogy.

  5. Lorraine Stone says:

    The one that was the first one back in 1977! I am so confused! It was the only time I can remember us all going to the cinema together as a child.


    My favourite star wars film has to be clone wars love it even though i’ve seen it so many times!

  7. Carly Belsey says:

    I actually love all of the old episodes as they remind me of my childhood but revenge of the sith is my favourite new one

  8. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    Return of the Jedi; remember watching it and then the game came out and was addicted to that too.

  9. sandy ralph says:

    Return of the jedi just beacause its the first one that got me hooked on the films when my son watched it over and over on his dvd and I sat and watched it with him oneday

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