Rainy Day Activities for Children

We have been quite lucky so far this holiday, despite there being heavy rain every single day we have only had one day where we really felt a bit stuck in and have so far managed to avoid getting soaked.

I do have lots of things ready to do if it does rain though and these are a few of my ideas.

Build a Den

We love building a den- it’s something you can do indoors or outdoors and it can be as big as you have space for or tiny and cosy. You don’t need loads of equipment, blankets and a clothes horse are fine or you can use other furniture and bedding or picnic rugs. If it’s outside then logs, sticks, string and tarpaulin are perfect. Once you have built it you can decorate it and make it comfortable and then decide what you want to do in there- read a book, have a picnic, do some writing. I am not sure den building is something you ever completely grow out of!

LEGO Challenge

Tip out a big box of LEGO, set a timer and challenge everyone to make something on a theme (vehicles, space, food, animals etc) when the time is up you have to stop and can pick a winner. This is great because you can have quick builds or longer builds with more difficult themes. For younger children you could do this with Duplo or even using Playdoh and you don’t even need to pick a winner, it could just be for fun.

Cinema Day

Agree on a film, and then plan to spend an afternoon watching it. Younger children might enjoy making tickets but everyone can get involved with making cinema snacks. You can pop some popcorn and make some crispie cakes to eat while you enjoy your film.

Baking Day

Spend the day doing lots of baking and hopefully you can enjoy it all for a picnic the next day when it’s nicer!

Games and Puzzle Challenge

Invite some friends over and set up lots of boards games, card games and puzzles and have a tournament. If you are allowed then you could do the same type of thing on a computer or games console.

Play Rain Games

Get your raincoat and wellies on and go and splash in the puddles and dance in the rain. You can then come back in and dry off while having raindrop races on the window!

Messing about in puddles!


I would love to know what sort of things other children like to do when the weather is bad?


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72 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities for Children

  1. Leanne Hansell says:

    On a rainy day, my daughter and I have a list of things that we do: play doh, painting, gluing and sticking, water play, board games and hide and seek!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    When I was a kid, I preferred staying at home with a good book when it rained. Or in most other types of weather, actually.

  3. Summer rain doesn’t really put us off from going out and enjoying the school holidays but if it’s excessive I get out the crafts of Lego and just get creative. x

  4. Amy Dacre says:

    When I was a kid I didn’t mind the rain, I used to head up to see my pony and snuggle up to it in the stable to keep dry! (That does sound a little snobby but it’s not supposed to 🙂 ponies = poor!!)

  5. we had an outside den that we would stay in and do colouring and play games. My parents were also in the military so they were quite happy to drag us out in the rain to play games as well as jump in puddles

  6. Hannah Smith says:

    I loved doing craft as a child, I would see what random things I could find around the house to make things with 🙂

  7. Lauren Stebbings says:

    I used to love sticking my big snuggly coat on and going out in the garden when it rained. I loved looking at all the bugs and snails that came out in the rain.

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