Children’s Gifts and Books from Two Little Boys

If you follow us on social media you might have already seen how much Lottie loves her ‘I am going to be a princess and this is my plan’ notebook so we were very happy to be sent some of their other products to review.

We are going on holiday over half term so the ‘I Can Spot’ books are going to come in useful for the journey. They have lovely pictures in them for children to spot. They are good because you can do them with someone else or on your own so they can keep you busy in the car. Some of the things are easy like animals and some are more difficult because they are very specific like ‘a lady carrying a brown handbag’ so whilst they are suitable for my toddler brother because they have nice clear pictures they are also still interesting enough for children Lottie’s age. Hopefully these will keep them busy during our long journey!

We also received Volume One of the Children’s Coffee Table Book This is amazing, I really like it. The pictures are so nice- they are all different things from around the world and are so interesting to look at. On the opposite side to the photos is a page with some information about each for the pictures, I have really enjoyed reading these pieces and have learnt some new things. I never would have thought to buy a coffee table book and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I think I will go back to it time and time again. This would make a lovely present for children age 8 plus.

We have loved everything we have seen from Two Little Boys, they do some great things for children and lots of nice stationary and gifts for adults, we would all recommend the things we have had from them and will definitely be using them for presents for other people.

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