New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Happy New Year!

We have been very quiet on the blog recently because my Mum was ill and then ended up in hospital for ten days. We were lucky that she was ok to come home for Christmas and things are starting to get back to normal a bit now, we just need to wait and see what happens at her next hospital appointments.

We had a very quiet Christmas so she was able to rest but we did manage to see friends and family and have a nice time. We also had Mum’s birthday and my birthday so that kept us busy. I had my birthday party too which was brilliant and I will write about that separately.

As we were home a lot we have watched a lot a films and played on the Xbox more than normal rather than having days out and going for walks and things so it’s probably a good idea if I make my new years resolutions to be more active than I have been recently.

I will also try and be a bit less impatient with my sister…although I say that every year!

I think I will try and read more too, I used to read a lot but don’t as much now so am going to try and read something of my choice each day.

I would love to know what your resolutions for the year are if you have made one. Tell me what you have decided to be entered in with a chance to win a £10 Amazon voucher


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35 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

  1. Claire Davies says:

    To be more organised 🙂 And to keep on top of our paperwork better! 🙂 We are doing well 😉 Happy New Year! #newyearsresolution

  2. Saetana says:

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions as I never keep them. General aims for 2019 are to keep on losing weight, get a bit more exercise and another attempt to stop smoking. Rafflecopter entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES, thanks for the great giveaway :o)

  3. Marie Evans says:

    Well I am going to be a ‘Optimist ‘ this year I have always been a glass half empty kind of gal & my daughter said you must stop expecting the worst! So I went to Bingo & thought I am going to win! And I did make of that what you will lol

  4. Amanda W says:

    To lose weight and get healthy! If got he stuff to join slimming world and am heading to my first class on Thursday.. new me coming soon!!!

  5. Kellie says:

    My resolution was to have more confidence in myself and my abilities and step outside my comfort zone more often. I am doing incredibly well so far, as this morning I won a holiday by going live on air on the radio, which was definitely out of my comfort zone!

  6. cheryl hadfield says:

    To make more memories with my family, so far so good, got a family holiday booked for May, a theatre visit and a music gog tickets bought , and looking to book a coach trip to harry potter tour later in the year

  7. Keith Hill says:

    To stop eating crisps – I need to lose a few pounds and reckon cutting out crisps will sort this. I’m a bit of a crisp addict and can scoff a (so called!) sharing bag in minutes. I’ve wobbled as the supermarket tempts me with offers and new flavours but so far no crisps – and no weight loss!

  8. Diane Carey says:

    To learn to do more things on my own because I have to now. I’m trying to deal with things straightaway, instead of putting them off, and then I don’t get worked up. I went for 2 new car tyres fitting on my own a few days ago. But this week I have tended to put things off – not done a lot

  9. Rebecca Townsend says:

    My New Years resolution is to try one new recipe a week (so far so good) and to get moving more rather than sitting on the sofa (I’m doing ok’ish, she types, while sat on her bum!)

  10. Caroline says:

    I’m trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years this summer but eat way too much junk food. Doing quite well so far – I’ve eaten half a carrot, an apple and two pickled onions already today LOL

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