The Puy Du Fou 2020

If you have been reading our blog for a while you will know that we only review or write about places we like ourselves and if you have been following for a while you will know that one of those places is the Puy Du Fou in France. It’s fair to say as a family we are a little bit obsessed.

My parents have been going since before we were born and I have been at least once most years since I was a baby. Our favourite time was a couple of years ago when we had annual passes and could come and go as we pleased. If you haven’t got time to read our old reviews (and you really should!) then I should give you an idea of what it’s all about. 

The Puy Du Fou is best described as a historical theme park but that doesn’t really give you a view as to what it’s like. There are no rides but instead shows, walk throughs and villages. It is absolutely amazing. You can step back in time to the Romans, watch Kind Arthur pull the sword from the stone, get caught up in the Musketeers battle, see the Vikings attack, learn the secrets of the Lance or watch the most amazing bird show ever. You can even walk through a trench and experience the sad story of a soldier in WW1.

It’s hard to give an idea of exactly what the Puy Du Fou is like but we think everyone should try and go at least once and are delighted (and a bit jealous!) that some of our friends are going this year. If you are ever in France then it’s well worth a trip even if it is out of your way.

We were excited when the people at the Puy Du Fou sent us the press release for their plans for this year. As it’s now only 76 days until they reopen for the 2020 season it seems a good time to share the information with other UK fans.

They have invested €52 million (wow!) in a new spectacular show, an amazing new hotel and a conference centre.

The new show is a night time show, called The Wedding of Fire which follows on from the story of the original night time show, Organs of Fire. It is a fantasy tale set in the 19th Century with music by Camille and Julie Berthollet, Warner Classics. As we would expect from the Puy Du Fou it combines fire and water with amazing costumes, vast emerging sets, underwater stunts and jaw dropping aerial displays. We can’t wait to see this. We have loved Organs of Fire but it is always exciting when there is a new show to enjoy.

The new hotel sounds amazing,- Le Grand Siecle, is inspired by Louis XIV ‘s Versailles. It has been lavishly decorated and this 4* hotel is like stepping back into the time of The Sun King. Visitors now have a choice of 500 different rooms in different themed areas and we now have another hotel to add to our wish-list to stay in at the Puy Du Fou!

The other new addition is a conference centre called Le Théatre Moliere which will be able to host conferences and all sorts of other events. We will have to keep an eye out for exciting events taking place when we are over.

It looks like 2020 is going to be another exciting year at the Puy Du Fou, if you get the chance to go then don’t hesitate. It’s only a quick flight from the UK to Nantes and then it’s just over an hour drive to Les Epesses and the Vendee is an amazing place to visit. The Puy Du Fou is open from 4th April to 1st November and day tickets are from €37 per adult and €23 per child– but there are deals for more than one day which are worth doing as then you get to see all the shows as well as seeing everything else the Grand Parc has to offer. I really hope we get to go again this year.


Secret trails at the Puy Du Fou





We were sent the details of the new developments at the Puy Du Fou and decided to share these as an update to our previous reviews. We have visited as paying customers numerous times and also received gifted tickets on one occasion but all thoughts are our own.

This post was written by Luke age 12 with a little help from Mum to ensure the relevant information was included!

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