Our top 10 family board games and your chance to win a voucher

Today has been a long day, it has been raining all day and we are all getting a bit fed up of being stuck at home. After we finished our school work for the day we decided we would pick some of our favourite games to play which got us thinking about our favourites.

These are (probably!) our top 10:

Othello– We were sent this game to review last year and Lottie and I have played it loads. It’s really straightforward but gets you thinking as you need a bit of strategy planning, it’s a great game for age 7 plus.

othello 4

Reveal- I got this game for my birthday after seeing it when we went to the UK Games Expo last year. It is very funny to play in a group and involves testing your knowledge on TV shows, films and songs at different levels of difficulty.

What’s in the box?– This is such a simple idea, we reviewed it a couple of years ago and loved it, it is now my little brother’s favourite game. You literally just choose something to put in the box and then use the counters to ask yes and no questions to find out what it is. It’s ideal for the whole family even little children.

what's in the box

Randomise- This is one of our most favourite games ever- we wrote a full review here but it involves drawing, acting or describing whatever your cards throw up. It’s really, really funny and one every family should have in their games cupboard.

Villainous– Disney Villainous is a bit tricky to get started with but once you get your head round it then it’s a great game, Lottie absolutely loves this and really likes the fact that it is villains rather than princesses!

Scrabble/ Scrabble Junior– Everyone knows scrabble, it gets very competitive here but we all enjoy it.

Monopoly– I love monopoly, it’s my favourite game and we have lots of different versions. I really like the electronic one and would love the cheaters edition. My Mum hates it when we play, she says we always end up arguing and someone always cheats!

Telestrations– This is a bit like Chinese whispers in drawing and is really funny. It’s a great game for age 8 upwards.

telestrations 1

Think Words Spin– You have to think really quickly in this game and shout out something that matches the catagories and letters. It is quite competitive and harder than it sounds to think of the right word.

Tetris Speed– We like the fact that this is a very portable version of Tetris and it is suitable for anyone adult or child. It doesn’t take long to play and you just have to be really fast and use your memory a bit.

We would love to know your recommendations for other games we might enjoy and in return we are giving you the chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher to treat your family to a new game.

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118 thoughts on “Our top 10 family board games and your chance to win a voucher

  1. Katie Jaques says:

    I really love Articulate, Cranium and Scattergories – I remember playing scattergories with my grandad and because he was deaf he’d end up doing a completely different letter than the rest of us 😂

  2. alanawalker1515 says:

    We have the family version of Trivial Pursuit, we do enjoy it but need some new questions! My younger kids are big fans of the Orchard Toys range of games.x

  3. Patricia Avery says:

    Twenty Questions is a family favourite, both the oral version for the younger ones and the board game for us oldies!


    card games are good and suit any age from snap to whist or rummy and I used to love playing cribbage with my dad; they can teach numeracy and strategy as well as socialisation and patience

  5. Lindsey Stuart says:

    My daughter and I love playing Connect 4, it’s great fun and somehow I always get caught out!
    As a family we love Twister! Super fun!

  6. Linda Ford says:

    We love Monopoly, I really like the electronic banking version but classic monopoly is always a hit! I’ve never seen the what’s in the box game from your post

  7. holly harmsworth says:

    frustration used to be my favourite my i was younger. Haven’t played board games in a while but would love to start playing them with the kids

  8. Sue Carter says:

    We like Uno. It takes no time at all to set up, can be as long or short a game as you like, can be played anywhere and even quite little ones can join in and learn their numbers and colours at the same time.

  9. Susan B says:

    Our old Snakes and Ladders board game is an enduring favourite. Being a game of chance, all the family can play together regardless of age.

  10. Layla Thomas says:

    We find it hard to find games with a six year age gap between our boys but we’ve recently bought Jumanji and it’s a hit. We watched both movies and then tied it in with the game.

  11. Ian Campbell says:

    Tetris Speed – the ultimate block puzzle to test the grey matter, so this rapid version only adds to the excitement! 🙂

  12. Deanie GIllies says:

    Huge Monopoly fans in this house! Although we are quite partial to a game of moustache smash too , oh honestly if you haven’t tried it , you need too. It’s so funny x

    • whatlukedidnext@gmail.com says:

      We haven’t seen that one before- we will have a look! Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. fionajk42 says:

    We love playing Balderdash and Beyond Balderdash. We like to give extra points for silly definitions that make us laugh.

  14. Janine H says:

    Boggle has become a bit of a favourite at the moment, it can last as long as you want or just make it a quick game

  15. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    Which family doesn’t love a game of Monopoly?! Particularly when you’re all stuck indoors and can’t escape the tension!

  16. Violet Phillippo says:

    We love the card game Cheat or Orthello, as they are easy but fun to play and the outcome can change very quickly!

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