Family game night with Jaques of London

We always used to have a family game night on a Saturday but for some reason we haven’t done this much over the past year or so. It wasn’t until we were offered the chance to review some of Jaques of London’s games that we realised how much we missed it.

There is a fantastic selection of toys and games at Jaques of London with some traditional wooden games and some new variations. We really enjoyed making our choices.

We went with the Backgammon set and Chinese Checkers, neither of which we have ever played before and we were excited to try them.

The delivery arrived really quickly and it was a real treat opening the games, they are wrapped like a present and look really special. My Mum loved the fact there was a hand-written card saying who had packed our games, she felt this was a really nice personal touch.

The games looked fantastic, the Backgammon set is in a smart case and Chinese Checkers has a wooden board with brightly coloured pieces which make you want to pick them up and play straight away.


We found Backgammon hard to get to grips with to start with but got the hang of it and really enjoyed it, it was perhaps a little tricky for Sam but the rest of us have had fun playing it together and I can see we will play that a lot as a family. All the parts are easy to store in the case and it makes a good gift for older children or even adults.

Chinese Checkers however, is our new go-to family game, for everyone. We love it! It is really quick to get the hang of and we all had fun playing it together, anything that can work for a 6 year old and a teenager has to be good. It was so simple yet so clever and makes you think. We love the fact that you can play with as little as two people or as many as 6. If you have never played it, it is very straightforward, you start with your pieces in the segment of the star nearest to you and the aim of the game is to get them all into the person opposites segment, there are some rules about what you can do but you don’t loose your pieces. It can get quite funny when there are six people playing at the same time and if you set a timer it can be very competitive. We have found this great for a quick game after dinner on a school night as well as ideal for a few rounds at the weekend.









We have been so impressed with the games from Jaques of London and think that every family needs at least a couple for their games’ cupboard.

For younger children they do some brilliant wooden toys too so they would be a great company to look at for Christmas gifts. Our readers can enjoy 15% off their orders by using this link.

We are really enjoying getting back into our games nights and are looking forward to seeing what else Jaques of London have available.


Disclaimer: We were gifted the two games from Jacques of London but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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