Book Review: Beyond Belief- The Science of the Future by Alex Woolf

Sam (age 6) was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Beyond Belief- The Science of the Future by Alex Woolf to review.

We all loved this book- it was an mixture of fact and science- fiction with lots of science and plenty of ideas of possibilities. Some of the ideas felt very realistic and potentially quite scary. What was really unusual was the fact that this book caught the attention of all three kids from age 6 to age 14 and created some interesting conversations.  None of us are very keen on robots taking over the world but some of the family are very keen on the idea of teleporting!

Whilst the topics went into quite a lot of detail with plenty of scientific basis, the book isn’t so in-depth as to be hard for children to understand and there are brilliant illustrations by Jasmine Floyd to help everything make sense.

This book has really sparked Sam’s interest in science and how quickly science and technology can change things in the future.

We would definitely recommend this book from age 6 with a parent but it is interesting for any age

You can see exactly what Sam thought over on our YouTube video.

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