About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Luke and I am 12 years old.  I have been blogging since I was 7 and enjoy sharing my experiences.  In the main I write about things I have done, places I have been and projects I am working on.

I love reading,  LEGO, computers, cars, cooking and sport. I play football and hockey. I love racing and like to follow BTCC. We are lucky to be near Silverstone so go to some events there and I have also been karting at Daytona a few times which is awesome!

I spend more time than my parents would like playing on my Xbox, my favourite game is Fifa20.

My sister Lottie is 8 and she has been helping with my blog for the last couple of years. She has now convinced Mum and Dad that she should have her own blog too so she can also be found at www.thegirlwithgreenfingers.com

Lottie is very artistic, she loves to draw and do any type of craft. She is most happy when she is covered in mud and planting things in the garden, she is the only one of us who has ever managed to grow vegetables without killing them! She does gymnastics and has recently started cross country running. Lottie loves reading and spends most of her spare time with a book in her hand.

Our Family

We also have a younger brother, Sam, who is four. He is very funny and makes us all laugh. He loves animals and is obsessed with Star Wars, he knows loads of facts about it. He likes motor racing but only if he has his ear defenders on! He is another huge LEGO fan.

We live with our Mum and Dad in a small village in the South of England and I go to the local Secondary and Lottie and Sam go to our local Primary.  We try and go on lots of nice family days out without spending too much money and enjoy going to lots of different places together which I like to take photos of and then write about when I get chance.

My Mum helps make sure we stay safe on the internet and helps us turn our notes into proper blog posts. She helps me on social media and with emails.

We hope you enjoy  reading our reviews, recipes, ideas and stories.