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A Halloween Competition

We have been pumpkin picking today and found some really good ones. We are going to carve them on Monday and would love to see what designs other people come up with for theirs.

Lottie has been busy drawing scary princesses and says she is going to carve a scary face. Sam says he will draw a ghost for Dad to cut out and I think I am going to make mine silhouette of a cat.

My Mum says that because we picked such big pumpkins she is going to use some of it in cooking this year…I am not sure I like that idea much though as I have heard it doesn’t taste very nice!

Share your ideas for your pumpkins with us and be entered into our competition to win a £10 Amazon voucher


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Into The Trees – A Family Adventure

I am really looking forward to going to Into The Trees over the weekend of the 9th and 10th September. We have never been before but it looks like it is going to be a fantastic family adventure.

There is loads of different activities going on- Slacklining, Story Telling and Den Building. I am most excited to try out Archery, Axe Throwing and Mountain Boarding which all sound awesome!

Mountain boarding looks awesome!


It looks like there is going to be plenty to do for all the family at Into The Trees including pond dipping and mud monsters which even my little brother will be old enough to join in with and will love doing.

Into the Trees takes place in the heart of the Ashdown Forest within the protected ancient woodland of Pippingford Park and runs from 10am to 5pm on the 9th and 10th September. You can buy a family pass for either day for just £22 in advance.

We are looking forward to sharing our photos from the day and are very excited to be offering you the chance win a family pass for either the Saturday or the Sunday too.


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The Best Things About Autumn

The Best Things About Autumn

The clocks have changed and it’s getting dark really early now. I know we will soon have to start coming straight home from school because it will be too dark and wet to go to the park but I still have lots of things I like about Autumn so during a long car journey earlier in the week Lottie and I decided to make a list of our favourite things about this time of year.

1. All the colours- the trees that I can see from my bedroom window are really lovely colours and there are lots of different greens, yellows, oranges and reds wherever we look. I am going to collect some leaves tomorrow and do some prints.

2. Blackberries. I know I have said how much I love apple and blackberry crumble before but there are still plenty to pick round here at the moment and we have frozen enough to last us through the winter too!

3. Crunching in the leaves. When the trees do completely lose their leaves I love it when it is cold and dry and we can crinkle and crunch through them. There is a bit on the way to school where they gather in a dip and they are really fun to kick through and it sounds awesome if you push the buggy through them. I also LOVE using my Grandparents leaf blower!

4. Coming home when it is dark, closing the curtains, putting the fire on and having a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows- yum!

5. Conkers- I think this is our favourite thing about this time of year, we have collected a huge stash between us and our favourite harvest time song at school is about conkers – you can find it on YouTube but doesn’t show the best bit though where we all shout loudly 99…100- it’s quite fun to see the teachers jump! We aren’t allowed to play with them at school but Dad is going to set them up so we can play against him and Mum says we need to put them in vinegar to make them stronger. Next collection will be pine cones to decorate for Christmas!

What do you love about Autumn? Do you have any great tips for a perfect conker? 

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