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Father’s Day Art and Craft Projects

Father’s Day Art and Craft Projects

With Father’s Day approaching we have been busy making cards at school and shopping for treats with Mum but also decided this year that it would be nice to make some gifts as well.

Our first project was to make paper weights for our Dad’s desk at work. We found some nice chunky stones in the garden and put them in the oven for 40 minutes until they were REALLY hot. Mum took them out for us and put them on top of lots of newspaper and cardboard as this was going to get messy! We then touched old wax crayons to the top of then and watched as it melted down the sides. This created a lovely marbled effect all over the stone. We are leaving the stones to dry and will be writing messages on them- mine is going to say ‘My Dad Rocks’.

This looks really nice and will make a great paperweight but if you decide to try be very careful and get an adult to help because the stones stay hot for ages and the wax also gets very hot when it melts.

Our next project was to organise lots of chocolate into a present- rather than just making a hamper we decided to personalise it so we wrote a message and set out the chocolate to make part of it. I think Dad will like this as it is quite a fun idea and more importantly involves lots of different types of chocolate. I wonder if he will share it?

On Saturday Mum has promised we can make some cookies and we will decorate a nice box to put them in. I will post our recipe for them soon as they are really tasty!

I just hope Dad decides to share his goodies or he will need a trip to the dentist with all these treats!

p.s Sorry about the photos- Mum’s phone doesn’t have as good camera as Dad’s but I couldn’t borrow his for this without giving away the secret!

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Father’s Day- Top TV Dads

Our Top Five TV Dads  – In honour of Father’s Day and Curry’s awesome competition.

In the run up to Father’s Day Curry’s have launched a competition that sees bloggers compiling their lists of the Top Five TV Dads for the chance to win a 48 inch Samsung SUHD TV- this looks absolutely amazing so we decided it was definitely worth a shot!

This quickly became an interesting discussion topic in our house and has become far more of a collaboration with me than Luke’s previous posts- mostly because being a seven year old boy his TV time is somewhat limited. Oddly it also soon became apparent that there is a serious lack of good male role models in shows aimed at this age group, perhaps mainly because most of the characters appear to be machines or Super Heros- Transformers and Power Rangers apparently have no need for parental input in their lives! Nor is Darth Vader a great example of the type of man we are looking for! Fortunately there were a few more examples of Father characters in the preferred viewing of Luke’s little sister, Lottie. So after much discussion, deliberation, arguing and amending this is our definitive list of Top Five TV Dads-

At Number 5

The Dad from Outnumbered (the only input I was allowed in the end)- He looks as beaten as I feel most days but ultimately has his family’s interests at heart and worries constantly about doing the right thing by his children

Number 4

Homer Simpson- he might be a bit of a mess and sometimes an absolute disaster but again he loves his family and tries his best for them. 

Number 3
Mr Elf (from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom)- Not a main character by any means but the children felt he was a good Dad for Ben- always worries about him, sets a good example for him- ‘Elves don’t DO magic… and we’re Elves’, works hard so clearly has a strong work ethic, he seems to have a solution to many problems, even if they do involve visiting The Wise Old Elf. He also has infinite patience and is very polite to his wife, which can only be a good thing!

At Number 2
Splinter from Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles- We know he isn’t actually The Turtles father but he does an excellent job of filling the role of a Father figure, he has looked after them from tiny babies and has taught them everything they know whilst helping them build their relationships with each other.

And Our Number 1 TV Dad is… 
Daddy Pig. Initially I argued against Daddy Pig as I feel that he puts up with far too much from Peppa (although there is a chance I have now watched Peppa Pig so many times I am reading too much into this) but I concede the point that he too is very patient. He is also jolly, he has lots fun with his children- who else would spend quite so much time jumping up and down in muddy puddles, not to mention losing his winter clothes to a snowman? He doesn’t lose his temper- not even when an important piece of work ends up in the duck pond and he even conquers his fears for his children- such as braving the Helter Skelter and the roller coaster what more could you ask for from a Dad?!

So that’s it then, our top five… none of them are perfect (some quite far from it!) but all share the over-riding theme of trying to do the best for their families and that’s good enough for us!

Written by Luke’s Mum with plenty of interjection from Luke and his sister, Lottie!

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Computer Coding for Children

Computer Coding for Children

As I mentioned before I love using a computer and playing computer games but don’t get to do so very often, so when my Mum found out about a site where you could create something by using coding and said we could have a look at it I jumped at the chance.

Barclays digital playground is a safe place for kids to try basic coding. There are loads of different things you can change by changing the instructions like speeding up chickens, making giraffes smaller or taller and popping toast really high. It is great fun to see what a difference a small change in the instructions can make. After playing around with this out for a while we decided to make Father’s Day cards using the program- this was really funny as you can add your family and make them do dances before adding music to the card. I spent ages setting up my family and was really happy with the result, this link takes you to the moving version of it-

happy father’s day to the coolest dad! coded by luke.

Then my little sister took over, amazingly she seemed to understand exactly what to do even though she is only three, so that shows how easy it is to do. She thought it was hilarious and liked adding lots of people and animals. She thought it was really funny to make the children tall and the adults small. The moving version of her card is at the link below-

happy father’s day, you rock! coded by lottie.

This was definitely a fun way to try coding and I was surprised at how easy it was to do and how much fun it was and I would really like to try this again sometime. These are the still pictures of our cards.