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Things I have loved whilst blogging

Last week I posted about things I had learnt from blogging over the two years I had been doing it and today I am going to share some of the amazing products and places I have discovered thanks to blogging.

As I mentioned blogging can be hard work sometimes but the experiences I have had from it have been well worth it.

There are lots of things that stand out as being great but these are some of my very favourite things from the last two years.

  1. So many great books. I have read too many awesome books to list them all individually but have loved having lots of brilliant books to review and it has been fantastic to discover new authors who I might not otherwise have come across. One of my favourites is Abi Elphinstone who I am a huge fan of since reviewing her Trilogy on my blog.
  2. Finding new games- I especially like games that the whole family can enjoy together and we have found some great ones through the blog. One of our family favourites is the Randomise Game If you haven’t come across Randomise before then you should read the review I wrote a while ago- it’s really great fun and so very funny to play. We have played it so many times since and I would recommend it to any family that enjoys playing games together.
  3. Things that other people enjoy. It’s awesome finding a new product that I love but I have really enjoyed finding things my sister and brother love too. My sister has especially liked Aquabeads and Pusheen, both of which is she has been lucky enough to review for the blog.
  4. Challenges- I would never have even known about the kids version of Tough Mudder without the blog. My friend and I were lucky enough to do the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder last year and it was an amazing experience. I would love to do it again and it got me into running a 5K run for charity too and helping as a steward at another.
  5. Amazing days out. We have been lucky enough to be invited to lots of great days out, I have enjoyed them all but some of the ones that I really liked were BRICKLIVE and the ‘Summer Saturdays’ Day at Newmarket Racecourse
  6. New experiences. It also falls under points 4 and 5 too but was so amazing it deserves a heading of it’s own! Our favourite experience as a whole family has been our visit to Camp Wilderness– the bushcraft day was so unlike anything that any of us had ever done before, we all learnt loads and came away having had a really fantastic day. It was such a different thing to do with my Mum and Dad- I would recommend the camps to anyone!




As  you can see I have been very lucky over the last two years, I have had lots of fantastic experiences, met some brilliant people and learnt a lot. I have loved having my own blog, even though at times in has been hard work and I have caught ‘writer’s block’.

I can’t believe I have managed to keep it up for two years and am holding a competition to celebrate this! One of our lucky readers will win their own copy of the brilliant Randomise Game, a copy of a fantastic children’s book -my current read- The Midnight Gang, by David Walliams, a £10 Amazon voucher to treat themselves to one of the amazing products we have reviewed and a 3 day place for a child age 6 to 15 at one of the awesome Camp Wilderness camps during the Summer Holidays- the lucky winner can choose between Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cheshire or Kent subject to availability.

This prize bundle is worth over £260! Good Luck!

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Randomise Game- Draw, Act or Describe Your Way to Victory!

Randomise Game 

Draw, Act or Describe Your Way to Victory!


Every Saturday night once our baby brother Sam is in bed we have a ‘Game Night’. We get some nice treats in, Lottie and I get to stay up a bit late and we take turns to choose which board or card game we would like to play.
We have recently got a new favourite to add to our Saturday night choices- we were sent a new game called Randomise to try out and it is easily the funniest game we have ever played.

You work in teams of at least two and taking turns you announce if you are going to be using the ‘EASY’ or ‘HARD’ options and whether you will describe, act or draw before picking 3 cards, one from each set and then your opposite team have to choose option 1, 2 or 3 for each card- you then look at these options to discover what you are going to be. It sounds a bit complicated but you quickly get in to the swing of it and soon find yourself becoming a ‘scared hedgehog taking a photo’ or an ‘attractive Grandma doing a cartwheel’ or perhaps even a ‘sarcastic orangutan kissing a frog’

Lottie was a bit young for us to play the game properly with scoring and everything because she needed help reading the cards and working out what some of the words meant which made it difficult to be in teams but the game is recommended for age 8 upwards for this reason and we still had loads of fun acting out, describing and drawing for each other without actually crowning a winner at the end. 

I loved playing Randomise with my family- we laughed so much and I think I will always remember my Dad acting out being a ‘Spotty Chicken Smashing Plates’ but I am looking forward to Easter though when I will be able to play and score using the rules with my friends. I think we all liked the acting option best but we also tried describing and drawing too and these are great choices if you don’t want to get up in front of everyone and be a bit silly.

This is a great game for anyone age 8 and over (or age 4 and over with adult help) and is fun for everyone, my parents even suggested we should get it out when our family friends come for dinner over Easter so the grown-ups can join in.

I am going to ask Mum to buy this game for my friend when it is his birthday next month. If you are looking for a family gift for Easter this year and want to give something that lasts longer than chocolate we would definitely recommend Randomise- the person you give it to will still be laughing next Easter! 

If you would like to know more about the game you can visit the website here and if you are looking to buy Randomise it can be purchased here.

Disclaimer- we were sent a copy of Randomise to test and enjoy but all thoughts and opinions are my own